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Nous sommes tous des pervers sexuels persécutése

In every individual there is a pervert who slumbers, but also a being of love. The one is perverse, who has fantasies or who enjoys a way which is personal him except the standard. The standard, it is to make love once bridegroom with a person of the opposite sex, after the work, in the marriage bed, silently, in the black, in the missionary position, without contraception, not to reach the pleasure, but to have children. Fortunately, a lot of people enjoys otherwise and have more fantasies than we think of it...

In this book, Dr Meignant questioned the other therapists and collected with hundreds of persons the narrative of their fantasies and their sexual life "pervert".. He also listened to the narrative of the persecutions and the suffering which engenders even today the hypocritical condemnation of certain ideas and certain acting out. He thinks that it is necessary to have limits to respect the other one and itself; and what the real problem is somewhere else. What Mr Tout-le-Monde calls the perversions is only a very common way to express the sexual desires of the man. We have to remind themselves for that purpose that nobody is responsible for the fantasies and that it is neither reprehensible nor reprehensible to have it. Only the restraint of the acting out, when it is necessary, brings the proof of the deep humanity of the being. Really, who can refrain from fantasizing ?
Who is not ever acted ?

Are we not, all, persecuted sexual perverts ?

  Nous sommes tous des pervers sexuels persécutés