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Nous sommes tous des pervers sexuels persécutés
Liberté, Egalité, Fraternitée

In the columns of Union, Dr Michel Meignant holds the letters to the editor ; on the antennas of RTL, together with Ménie Grégoire, he answers the questions of the auditors and the auditors...
It is that he is time, he estimates, to concern the square the problems of the sexual life and to deal with it quite freely.

"I made seven years of studies of medicine, he says. When I had ended, I noticed that we had spoken to me neither about the painless childbirth, nor about the contraception, nor, for stronger reason, of the sexuality. I believed for a long time that my masters had kept silent because they had to say nothing. When the veil tore, I understood that I had been, as everybody, a victim of an incredible plot of the silence. Then, I became a self-taught sex therapist".


Since, Michel Meignant became a full sex therapist.

The attendance of Master's degrees and Johnson, numerous contacts with the American and Scandinavian researchers, its own works assured him an eminent place in this domain.

He delivers us here his own experience, he speaks with a total franchising, he shakes all the taboos (from whom that of the masturbation), he calls the women to release himself.


  Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité