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Nous sommes tous des pervers sexuels persécutés
Le Corps Amoureuxe

Michel Meignant needed years of search and practices so that he finalizes with his co-workers an educational method and of therapy adapted to the culture and to the French spirit: the Analytical Humanist Sexology.

The loving body is the third shutter of a narrative which redraws Michel Meignant's personal adventure while it discovers the methods Californian American sexologiques.

As usual with Michel Meignant, it is about a committed book, which will make the reader participate and will help him to exceed his difficulties. Everybody does not need to make a therapy, but each can make a step furthermore towards the emotional and sexual blooming, to have a Loving Body.

For Michel Meignant, the Loving Body is not a loose body but a responsible, sensitive, aware, liking and liked body.