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Nous sommes tous des pervers sexuels persécutés
L'Amour Thérapiee

The publication of the first volume of the Red Book of the Humanist Sexology " I LOVE YOU " had been an event, and the press, the radio, the television had spoken about it with a quite particular heat. The work did not delay knowing a big best seller.
The readers and the auditors of Dr Meignant thus looked forward to the second volume : " THE LOVE THERAPY ".

The sexual difficulties are not, in fact, symptoms as the others because they question the life of the individual and that of the couple when he exists.

Dr Michel Meignant, through the experience of his own training and the testimony of his "patients", pulls us in the bus of the first consultation of orientation, in France, of diverse workshops of therapy which have for title : "progressive Learning of the pleasure".

He indicates us the means to bring to a successful conclusion the fight to find a sense in his life, bloom and be able to use all his emotional and sexual energy.



  L'amour Thérapie