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Liberté Egalité Sexualité   L'Amour Thérapie   Le corps amoureux  
Nous sommes tous des pervers sexuels persécutés
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I did not write this book to make scandal, no more than I court the University of Vincennes to shock the middle-class person. I am simply a man who was trained at the hard psychosociologique school American of the movement of the human potential.

To become a psychoanalyst it is necessary be psychoanalysed, to become humanist a sex therapist, it is necessary to pass there where he am crossed. Now it turns out that it is as well the road as has to follow that or the one who meets sexual difficulties and who wants to resolve them. To take consciousness of one, its sexuality, its possibilities is a fantastic adventure.

Doctor Meignant invites you to make this long journey to Saint Louis. Pupil and translator of Master's degrees and Johnson, he will make you meet his masters. With him you will be in National Sex Forum of San Francisco, in the Institute of Esalen and you will live his own story. By offering you all his vulnerability", the one to whom you write to Union, whom you listen to on R.T.L., speaks to you here in opened bus. If so many people relied on me, it is because I too, I always dared, the first one, to rely on them. By speaking to them about me, I wanted to establish a dialogue of equal to equal. There is no more a doctor and a sick interview, but two human beings among whom the one helps the other one to beg the misfortunes of the fate by allowing him to face its sexual reality ".


  Je t'aime...