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Nous sommes tous des pervers sexuels persécutés

The sexual revolution had given birth to the sexology.
For Michel Meignant it was the Analytical Humanist Sexology and its manifestoes : freedom, equality, sexuality, We are all persecuted sexual perverts and the red Book of the humanist Sexology.

The time of the AIDS has just modified the data of the emotional and sexual life in a inescapable way. Sex therapist of the 1970s, Michel Meignant became amourologue of 1990s.

Two decades of experiences and searches he allowed to elaborate with his cotherapists "I'Amourologie". In fact, today, it is not the AIDS which is inescapable, but the love.

Of the sorrow of love in the spirituality, I'amourologie is a method where the ethics, the respect for the other one, its listening, its understanding, I'analyzes traumatism and deficiencies of its childhood, their distribution, brings everyone to open its bus and its soul, so finding the keys of the love.

Michel Meignant, amourologue, is a lover of the love the profession by which is to pass on its initiation.