Couple therapy, EMDR

That suitable can-be already years that you have taken conscience that you had sexual problems :

premature ejaculation precocious, lack of erection, difficulties to reach the orgasm.

Or can-be met-you freezings relationnels :

lack of desire, difficulty to enter in connection with a person of the other sex, to form a stable couple, to cohabit,

to create a family, to to have children, to maintain your couple, to exceed a conjugal conflict.


Come to speak some and see what solutions offer to you.

The Humanist analytic sexology offers a reply based on a 40 experience years.

Doctor, practitioner of EMDR

Honorary President of the French Psychotherapy Federation (FF2P)

Member of the Board of the European Association of Psychotherapy (EAP)
Délégué permanent de l'EAP au Conseil de l'Europe.

President of the Humaniste Analytic Sexology Association (SHAA)

Vice-president of the french branch of the European Federation of Psychothérapy Psychanalytic (ECPP)

Treasurer assistant of the association EMDR France

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