The odyssey of empathys
An investigation film by Michel Meignant and Mario Viana

By teaching our children kindness, they will become altruistic adults, capable of eradicating violence in the world and respecting the environment in order to save humanity.
This theme is uncovered during a series of moving interviews:from Bushmen in the Kalahari to Matthieu Ricard.

Should we really call into question the devastating consequences of human activity on climate stability? Preventing an increase in the greenhouse effect is above all an act of solidarity and empathy, empathy towards our own generation, future generations, the animal kingdom and the environment.

Can we change the violent world in which we live and save our planet from the effects of global warming?

By bringing our children up in a caring environment, they will become altruistic adults capable of eradicating violence throughout the world and protecting the environment for the sake of humanity.

“The Odyssey of Empathy” demonstrates that this is possible. Human origins Matthieu Ricard’s kindness, Kalahari bushmen, Pierre Rabhi, the Farmer-Philosopher and the latest neuroscientific discoveries all prove that a happy and violence-free childhood are the natural foundations of empathy.

By bringing our children up in a caring environment, they become respectful citizens and environmentally aware adults.




In order of appearance:

Arnaud Deroo, Marylène Patou-Mathis, Muriel Salmona, Pierre Rabhi,
José Antonio Abreu, Gustavo Dudamel, Marion Cuerq, Isabelle Filliozat,
Catherine Gueguen, Matthieu Ricard, Thomas d’Ansembourg, Edwige Antier,
Jacqueline Cornet, Sophie Rabhi-Bouquet, Nadine Arié, Cornelia Gauthier,
Claudine André, Joseph Weismann.


Avec la participation :

Ministère des Affaires sociales, de la Santé et des Droits des femmes,
Délégation à l’information et à la Communication (DICOM),
La Fondation de la Vocation, Les Parents d’Amour, Ni claques ni fessées,
Observatoire de la violence éducative ordinaire (OVEO),
Réseau Hommes Rhône-Alpes (RHRA), Action EMDR contre le Trauma (AET)

Length 105mn - French version - English subtitled version - Asclepia©2015