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Happy Neuronss
Investigative film of Michel Meignant and Mario Viana




The therapeutic process that you will discover might seem magical at first glance, which is why we have chosen to present it in the form of testimonies experienced. We certify the integrity of all those who participated in this investigative film. We interviewed Valdeane Brown, psychologist inventor of dynamic Neurofeedback, Corinne Fournier, trainer and Pierre Bohn scientist as well as many beneficiaries of the benefits of this method starting with ourselves, the filmmakers.
Thank you to Catherine, Hélène, Marie-Claude, Léa and Zoé who also agreed to testify.
Discover « Le bonheur est dans les neurones » (Happy neurons) an investigative film by Michel Meignant and Mário Viana and make your own opinion.


A film by Michel Meignant.
Edited by Mário Viana.
Directed by Michel Meignant et Mário Viana.
With the cooperation of Valdeane Brown, psychologist, Corinne Fournier, trainer, Pierre Bohn, scientist.
Special thanks to those who testified
Catherine, Hélène, Marie-Claude, Michel, Mário, Léa, Zoé.
Music : airs d’opéra Les Noces de Figaro - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Length 1h02 - PAL - ASCLEPIA ©2014