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Love and punishments
Documentary of Michel Meignant and Mario Viana



More and more of nobody worries now of one of the most radical damage inflicted upon mankind; something which effects a majority of children entering this world. This is brain damage to children caused by violence in their every day education eg. spankings, shouts and humiliation. The disappearance of this ordinary educative violence represents an important step in progress for humanity towards fighting wars and civil unrest. A law forbidding spanking is in the process of being passed. Here is a session in psychotherapy using the EMDR method on Mário Viana who struggled with spelling at school, and was consequently punished. Every spelling mistake was punished by a slap of a rod! Yves Duteil sings «The rights of every child» in French. The abolition of violence in a child’s daily education is one the most important humanitarian steps for mankind as it is a most effective way of fighting violence such as war and terrorism. After the abolition of torture and the death penalty, is the abolition of educative violence.

Olivier Maurel, president of the l'Observatoire de la violence éducative ordinaire (OVEO)
Maud de Boer-Buquicchio,Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe
Edwige Antier, pediatrician, deputy of Paris
David Douillet, judoka, world and olympic champion, Deputy of the Yvelines
Robbie Adler-Tapia, psychologue (USA) - Carolyn Settle, psychologue (USA) - Sombat Tapanya, psychologue (Thaïland)
Michel Meignant, psychotherapist and practician for EMDR Europe exercised the EMDR therapy on Mário Viana
Filming : Michel Meignant and Laure Mann - Editing : Mário Viana
Sound : Tous les droits des enfants d’Yves Duteil
Détection et traduction Overall translation : Claire Chancé Viana, Hélène Chartier, Gwyn Darling

Durée 1h22’46" - PAL - Version française - asclepia © 2011